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Family Engagement / Title I Information

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Welcome to our Family Engagement/Title I Information Page

We welcome you into our school, whether it’s to eat lunch with your child, for a parent-teacher conference, to volunteer or to participate in a workshop.  Perry Middle School hosts events throughout the year to build strong family engagement to support a partnership among the school, families and the community to improve student academic achievement. We encourage you to come to as many events as possible. The school website, Facebook, the school sign, and call-outs will have the most current information.


Title I Information

Perry Middle is a Title I School. We are eligible for Title I funding based on our percentage of students eligible for free and reduced lunch. This means that we receive additional federal funds for the purpose of improving teaching and learning for students. All students in our school benefit from these funds. Title I requires that these funds be used for programs that will improve student achievement and include ways to help parents help their children to succeed (parent engagement). All Title I schools must include parent input in the development of a written Parent Engagement policy.


Title I Documents


         September 2017

Perry Middle School Title I Handbook 2017-18

Perry Middle School Parent and Family Engagement Plan

Houston County District Parent and Family Engagement Plan

Perry Middle School - Parent Compacts

          6th Grade

          7th Grade

          8th Grade 

Perry Middle School 1-Year Action Plan 

Perry Middle School - Schoolwide Title I Plan 

Perry Middle School - School Improvement Plan 

Right-to-Know Teacher and Paraprofessional Qualifications Letter 

2016-17 Perry Middle School Title I Parent Satisfaction Survey Results Summary


 What else can you do as a partner with Perry Middle to help your child be successful?


 Perry Middle School invites all families to be part of Panther Parents to share ideas and ways to involve other parents to build partnerships with school, families and the community. Panther Parents is a group of parents that works together to develop our yearly parent activities and Title I documents such as the Family Engagement Plan and School-Parent Compact. We meet twice a year, but ideas and suggestions are always welcome. If you would like to learn more about Panther Parents, please contact Jackie Lampley at the above phone number or email.  


Our Parent Resource Center is located in the main office at the front counter. We have academic information for all grade levels as well as information on parenting, Infinite Campus, upcoming events and Title I. Stop by and pick something up any day between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Parent Resource Center Inventory



We welcome your comments and feedback on our school and our programs. Please contact Jackie Lampley, Family Engagement Coordinator at the above phone number or email. Thank you for your input.


 We welcome and encourage family involvement. There are many ways for families to give of their time and talents. Contact our Family Engagement Coordinator for more information.

 All volunteers working with students are required to have a background check on file with the Houston County School System and receive volunteer training at our school. Background checks are good for five years and are good at any school in the county. If you aren’t sure of your clearance status, our Family Engagement Coordinator will be happy to check for you. Background Check Applications are available in the front office or through the link below.

 2017-18 Background Check Application



Perry Middle believes that family engagement is the participation of families in all areas of their child’s education and development, recognizing that families are the primary influence in their child’s life. We host a wide variety of events throughout the year for families. Many are designed to give families the tools to help their children succeed and many are just for fun! We want to welcome you into our school and hope you feel comfortable as you visit.



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7th Grade Parents Guide to Student Success

8th Grade Parents Guide to Student Success

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