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A.D. Redmond Media Center

The mission of the A.D. Redmond Media Center is to support and enhance the curriculum through a variety of materials and information resources while focusing on creating interest and a love of reading. Assistance will be focused on students, faculty and staff to nuture their intellectual and educational development as effective consumers of information and technology, while building a knowledge that creates self-reliance, develops critical thinking skills, and fosters cooperation among staff and the student body.

We will work to foster an appreciation of literature and reading to promote lifelong learning. The Media Center will always suport the main goal at Perry Middle School which is:

To Motivate, To Educate and To Perpetuate Learning

The  Media Center  is an integral part of the total instructional program and a dynamic place of daily discovery and learning.  Our collection consists of over 19,000 items including books, magazines, audiotapes, videos, CDs and other resources. The Media Center is fully automated through the system of Surpass. Students, faculty and guests have access to Microsoft Office products, educational databases and the Internet through 11 computer workstations. Ultimately, we will work to ensure that the Media Center is known as the center of learning.