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Peer Helpers

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Peer Helpers

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  • Membership Requirement: Teacher referral, at least a B average, and no discipline referrals
  • Financial Obligations/Dues: None
  • Mission/Purpose: The students selected to participate in the peer helping program display responsible and caring behaviors as well as leadership potential. The purpose is to extend guidance services, enhance the student’s interpersonal skills, and create a positive school climate.
  • Planned Activities: tutoring other students, helping students resolve conflicts, and assisting with various school and community projects throughout the year.






Purpose: The peer helper/conflict manager program is designed to provide an opportunity for young people to develop skills in leadership, listening, and communication. Once these skills have been learned, the students will then participate in special projects in order to help other children become more self-confident, make better decisions, understand their feelings, and behave more responsibly.