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Principal's Corner

Welcome to Perry Middle School!



Perry Middle is one of the finest, most well-rounded middle schools in Georgia. Safety is our number one priority. Utilizing the concept of Plan - Do - Check - ACT, and Teach a little, test a little, we have implemented a Connections Math program. In our Math classes, any student who is having difficulty understanding a concept and who doesn't score well on the mini-assessment for that idea or concept will attend a Connections Math class. They will continue to attend this class until that math skill or concept is mastered. This is an extra period of Math for those students who need it during the regular academic day. The idea is simple, we want to make sure that problems are identified and corrected as we go. Teach a little, test a little.

Athletically, Perry Middle competes in grades seventh and eighth against the seven other middle schools in Houston County. Boys and girls represent our school as they compete in softball, football, basketball cheerleading, soccer, baseball, and track. Our athletic programs are very competitive and successful.

In addition to athletics, our school has numerous clubs and organizations in which our students are encouraged to participate. Please encourage your child to participate in an extra-curricular activity. This helps the student to develop a sense of “ownership” in their educational experience and the data indicates that students who become involved in school activities and clubs tend to perform better academically than students who do not.

The faculty and staff at Perry Middle School are among the most qualified and caring educators in the profession. Our staff has a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

At Perry Middle, our focus is truly on student learning.