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Moore, Thomas Principal
Fluellen-Hall, Alfreda Assistant Principal
Brechin-Harrison, Liz Assistant Principal for Instruction
Faircloth, Susan Guidance Counselor
Hess, Kristi Counselor

Akin, Sherry 6/7 Grade Ac Math & 6 Honors SS Teacher
Andrews, Yvette Science and Math
Baggott, Kimberly Perry Middle 8th Grade Science/Math
Boone, Stephanie 8th grade LA & Social Studies Teacher
Bowman, Jacqueline Technology / STEM/ TSA/ STARBASE 2.0
Burch, Jarrett 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Campbell, Susan Special Education Teacher
Carroll, Jeffrey 8th grade science teacher
Cavallo, Allison Perry Middle/ 8th Grade SPED
Cooley, Mark Perry Middle/ 6th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Craig, Tara Perry Middle/ 6th & 7th Grade Honors Language Arts
Dady, Alex Perry Middle / 8th Grade Science/Honors Math/Social Studies
Dady, Whitney 7th and 8th Grade Gifted Science
Dean, Sharon Perry Middle/Language Arts & Social Studies
Dickens, Jerry Health and Physical Education
Felder, Jacquelyn 7th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Fermin, Claire 7th Grade Science Teacher
Fluellen-Hall, Alfreda Assistant Principal
Fuchs, Jason 6th Grade, Perry Middle
Gibson, Amanda 8th Grade Science
Gilmore, Barbara Perry Middle
Gooden, Sanya 6th Grade Interrelated Teacher
Hagan, Julie 7th Grade ELA Teacher
Hall, Alisha Family and Consumer Sciences/FCCLA Adviser
Hayes, Jessica 7th Grade Social Studies
Hess, Kristi Counselor
Hodge, Liz 7th Grade AC Math & 8th Grade Honors Georgia History
Hodges, Freda 6th Grade L.A.
Horton, Rachel Health & Physical Education, Girls Track Coach
Hundley, Debi Perry Middle
Hursey, Christy Perry Middle Band
Hutchens, Tim Science Teacher
Jones, Corey Perry Middle
Jones, Sheila 7th Grade SPED Teacher
Kerr, Jacquelyn 8th Grade Teacher
Larsen, Elizabeth Language Arts and Social Studies
Lumpkin, Eunice Perry Middle
Manning, Jeremy 6th Grade Math
Mashburn, Jennifer 7th grade Special Education
McBrair, Heidi Perry Middle Art Teacher- Art Club Sponsor
Meredith, Julia Media Center
Mizell, Erica 7th Grade Math & Science Teacher
Mizell, Randy Athletic Director/Health and Physical Education Teacher
Moore, Thomas Principal
Moss, Lisa Perry Middle Resource Teacher
Newberry, Kim 7th Math
Paalz, Mike 7th & 8th Grade Honors Social Studies
Payne, Valerie 8th Grade Teacher
Phillips, Diana Perry Middle - 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Business and Computer Science Teacher & FBLA Adviser
Pomazal, Melanie Health & Physical Education Teacher
Ray, Kylie Perry Middle
Sengenberger, Karen Perry Middle 6th Grade
Smith, Devin 8th grade Math/Georgia History
Smith, Stephanie Perry Middle/6th Grade Math
Sutton, Megan Perry Middle/ 6th grade Science
Terry, Faith 7th Grade Life Science and Cheerleading Coach
Tryan, Brandi Perry Middle 8th grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Wallace, Chris Perry Middle School/7th Grade Math
Weeks, Ed Perry Middle School/ ISS
West, Montay Perry Middle
Whiddon, Ashley Perry Middle

Adams, Sally Perry Middle
Bozeman, Audrey Perry Middle Secretary
Hill, Kenneth Perry Middle
Keen, Margaret Perry Middle
Lampley, Jackie Parent Involvement Coordinator
Lockaby, Phyllis Perry Middle Med Tech
Royal, Gaynna Perry Middle
Terry, Julie ATS Clerk
Wills, Sonya Perry Middle