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Burch, Heath Principal
Brechin-Harrison, Liz Assistant Principal for Instruction
Johnson, Kizzy Assistant Principal for Discipline
Faircloth, Susan Professional School Counselor
Hess, Kristi Professional School Counselor

Akin, Sherry 6th Grade Math | Seekers / Gifted
Boone, Stephanie 8th Grade Language Arts | Navigators
Bowman, Jacqueline Technology and S.T.E.M. | Connections
Burch, Jarrett 7th Grade Social Studies | Voyagers
Calhoun, Amanda 8th Grade Science | Explorers
Calhoun, Amanda Perry Middle
Carroll, Jeffrey 6th Grade Science | Wanderers
Cavallo, Allison 8th Grade Math and Science | Special Education
Cooley, Mark 6th Grade Social Studies | Wanderers
Craig, Tara 6th Grade Language Arts | Seekers / Gifted
Dady, Alex 8th Grade Math | Trailblazers / Gifted
Dady, Whitney 8th Grade Science | Trailblazers / Gifted
Dickens, Jerry Health and Physical Education | Connections
Duran, Jacquelyn 8th Grade Language Arts | Explorers
Duran, Jacquelyn Perry Middle
Dykes, Jennifer 7th Grade Math and Science | Teacher
Dykes, Jennifer 7th Grade Teacher
Evans, Lia 6th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts | Innovators
Felder, Jacquelyn 7th Grade Language Arts | Pioneers
Fermin, Claire 8th Grade Physical Science | Navigators
Fuchs, Jason 7th Grade Science | Pioneers
Gilmore, Barbara 6th Grade Social Studies | Pathfinders
Gooden-Fluellen, Sanya 6th Grade Language Arts | Teacher
Hall, Alisha Family and Consumer Sciences | Connections
Harden, Stacey Health and Physical Education, ISS | Connections
Hayes, Jessica 7th Grade Social Studies | Pioneers
Henderson, Quishawna Media Specialist
Hodge, Liz 7th Grade Math | Adventurers / Gifted
Hodges, Freda 6th Grade Language Arts | Pathfinders
Horton, Rachel Health and Physical Education | Connections
Hundley, Debi 7th Grade Language Arts | Adventurers / GIfted
Hursey, Christy Band | Connections
Hutchens, T.J. 7th Grade Science | Adventurers / Gifted
Jones, Amy 8th Grade Language Arts | Trailblazers / Gifted
Jones, Sheila Math and Social Studies | Teacher
Lester, Monique 8th Grade Math | Navigators
Lumpkin, Renia Skills Intervention | Connections
Manning, Jeremy 6th Grade Math | Pathfinders
Mashburn, Jennifer 7th Grade Language Arts | Teacher
McBrair, Heidi Art | Connections
Mizell, Erica 7th Grade Math | Pioneers
Mizell, Randy Health and Physical Education | Connections
Moss, Lisa 6th Grade Math and Science | Teacher
Nelson, Christa 7th and 8th Grade Math | Teacher
Newberry, Kim 6th Grade Science | Pathfinders
Nick, Emily Social Studies / Teacher
Oliver, LaTondra 6th Grade Language Arts | Wanderers
Paalz, Mike 7th Grade Social Studies | Adventurers / Gifted
Payne, Valerie 8th Grade Math | Explorers
Phillips, Diana Business and Computer Science | Connections
Pinckley, Jeffrey 8th Grade - Georgia History
Pomazal, Melanie Health and Physical Education | Connections
Sengenberger, Karen 6th Grade Math | Wanderers
Smith, Devin 8th Grade Social Studies | Gifted
Sutton, Megan 7th Grade Science | Voyagers
Terry, Faith 6th Grade Science | Seekers / Gifted
Tryan, Brandi 7th Grade Language Arts | Voyagers
Wallace, Chris 7th Grade Math | Voyagers
Washington, Carmen 8th Grade Language Arts and Science | Teacher
Whiddon, Ashley Agriculture | Connections
Whitten, Robert Math and Science | Teacher
Young, Aaron-James Chorus | Connections

Adams, Sally Paraprofessional
Bozeman, Audrey Secretary
Lockaby, Phyllis Med Tech
Royal, Gaynna Bookkeeper
Terry, Julie ATS Clerk
Young, Chandra Family Engagement Coordinator