Here are the materials that are needed everyday:

  • Instrument (including mouthpiece)
  • Pencil
  • 7th Grade Measures of Success Book 1 and 2
  • 6th grade  Measures of Success Book 1
  • Extra reeds, valve oil, slide grease/cream
  • Flutes should have cleaning rods and a rag (old t-shirt)

Oboes should have an oboe swab, cork grease, and medium soft reeds (unless instructed by Mrs. Hursey to change.

Clarinets and saxophones should have a swab, cork grease, and 4 reeds size 2 1/2 (unless instructed by Mrs. Hursey to change).

Trumpets, baritones, tubas should have valve oil and tuning slide grease.

French horns should have rotary valve oil and slide grease.

Trombones should have slide cream and a small water bottle.


Percussion should have these items at all times.

  • Vic Firth SD-1 snare sticks.
  • Yarn mallets
  • Hard rubber mallets
  • Timpani general mallets
  • Stick bag
  • Real feel drum pad

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