21-22 Annual Title I Meeting

21-22 Title I/Open House

Connections Classes

Reading Connections

Mrs. Leigh McMcMillan

Mrs. McMillan's Video

Math Connections

Mr. Kris Smith

Mr. Smith's Open House Video


Mrs. Christy Hursey

Mrs. Hursey-Band


Mr. Aaron Young

Mr. Young's Open House Video


Mrs. Heidi McBrair

Mrs. McBrair Open House

Physical Education

Coach Jerry Dickens

Coach Randy Mizell

Coach Melanie Pomazal

Coach Robby Taylor

Coach Rachel Horton

Physical Education Open House 21-22

Computer Science Teacher

Dr. Diana Phillips

Dr. Phillips' Video

FACS-Family and Consumer Sciences

Ms. Alisha Hall

Engineering & Technology

Ms. Jacqueline Bowman

Ms. Bowman's Open House Video

Agricultural Education

Dr. Ashley Whiddon

Dr. Whiddon's Open House Video

Academic Classes

Zoom meetings will be uploaded soon.  **Uploads In Progress**

6th Grade

Seekers-Terry, Akin, Arnold

Seekers Open House

Innovators-Carroll, Robinson, Oliver, Cooley
Pathfinders-Manning, Moore, Burch, Newberry


7th Grade

Pioneers-Wood, Hayes, Franklin, Fuchs

Pioneers Open House

Challengers-Payne, Clements

Payne & Clements

Adventurers-Paalz, Hundley, Hutchens, Hodge

Adventurers Open House

Voyagers-Sutton, Harrison, Sengenberger, Moore

Voyagers Open House

8th Grade

Explorers-Calhoun, Pinckley, Payne, Duran

Explorers Open House Video

Navigators-Lester, Fermin, Felder, Wallace


Trailblazers-W. Dady, Mizell, Jones, Nick

Trailblazers Open House

Travelers-Boone, A. Dady, Lane

Travelers Team